This Is The Exodus #sarnai #Killick


Who: Altansarnai
With: Erden, Killick CLOSED SCENE
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City

When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK


Sanya wasn't the only one with a bad feeling.

"Shhh, my strong boy," Altansarnai murmured as she rocked her fussy son in her arms. "We're nearly done." Not that she had even the slightest clue if that were true or not. They'd been sitting for hours now, waiting for the Royal General and Scholar to appear and make their grand announcement - which was very unlikely to be her, Altansarnai Ganzorig Burut, crowned Queen of Eventyr. No, not when the pair couldn't even have been bothered to visit and confirm that her son was even Philip's. Everything she'd gone through and it was all for nothing.

And Sarnai was running out of patience.

With a sigh, she turned her attention to the seats around her, her eyes lingering on Francesca's retreating back. One less set of eyes to dodge. It took only a second for her to survey the rest of the nobles, obviously just as irritated by the wait as the crowd of commoners. Sanya was heading in Malia's direction instead of her own, which was smart, and there was the Green Duke and Elliot - and she felt a pang of guilt before turning away and rising to her feet, her impatience finally getting the best of her.


"I'm fine, Rebecca," Sarnai answered, absently tucking the blankets more firmly around the baby. "Just need to move a bit with him."

"Of course, Your Highness," her handmaiden answered, promptly rising to her feet as well and giving the Consort a knowing sort of look. She didn't offer to take the baby; the Consort wouldn't hand him over unless they were in the secure confines of her own apartments, but she did offered a steadying, and supportive, hand on the young mother's elbow as they made their way down toward the barrier that separated the noble crowd from the common.

There was a stroll to their gait, though also a distinct bounce in Sarnai's step - just a mother comforting her cranky newborn - and when her eyes lifted from the sweet little face staring up at her, the Consort found she'd drawn the attention of the commoners standing nearest to her.

"Oh, 'e's a handsome one, m'lady," cooed an elderly woman with a sprig of evergreen tucked into her frizzy grey curls.

Sarnai would have rather they simply ignore her right now, but she also knew that she may need those commoners if things went sideways, so she smiled kindly and thanked her, tipping her arms just a bit so the woman could more clearly see Erden's face.

"Oh and 'e 'as that Paxton red 'air!"

Sarnai's smile was still firmly in place, politely enjoying the attention of the nearby commoners as she continued walking, her eyes drifting around again. What was going on? The nearest guards were keeping a watchful eye on the Consort and her princely son, but none of the nobles seemed to be paying her much more attention than usual and when a man in the crowd shouted Oi! What's the 'old up? We been 'ere hours now! even the guards glanced away from her . . .

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Who: Killick
With: Erden, Altansarnai - CLOSED SCENE
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

Where was she? Killick had taken to quietly pacing, dark eyes searching every random passerby in the hopes that it might be - well, honestly, half the time he was looking for Sanya, thinking she might be come to tell him that the whole thing was off and she was sorry for sticking him here waiting all this time. But it had been hours since the girl was supposed to meet him here, and really, he didn't have time for this.

He could be studying, or reading, or doing any number of things more useful than standing in place.

Another few minutes ticked by of nothing and no one showing up matching the description, though, and Killick's own patience was wearing thin. Sure, the girl was supposed to have a kid with her, and he more than sympathized with trying to get small children to go anywhere willingly and quietly on a day where there was nothing wrong, not a drop of tension in the air - so he understood. This was probably harder.

But how long was he supposed to wait?

His teeth pulled his bottom lip in between them absent of thought, his brows furrowed - and finally, he dropped his hands to his sides and started walking. Maybe something happened to her. Maybe something happened at the announcement? Talk about tensions, after all, Killick knew not every choice they were likely to come forward with would be taken well by the people. Some, very badly indeed.

He flung a hand up into his hair as his feet carried him into an about-face, fingers scrunching into the thin locs atop his head. Why was he even doing this? If it took too long to get her somewhere safe, he'd be assumed to have abandoned his studies, likely dropped from his courses... The College he'd worked so hard to get into. And how would he explain his way back in? Well, you see, there was this girl-

A strangled noise frustrated its way out of his throat, and one of those indecisive feet swung out to kick a rock out of his path. The brief catharsis felt good - the squawking Oi! Watch whacher doin'ere, boy! Less so.

Breathing an apology past grit teeth, he pulled another sharp turn back round again as his hands buried themselves deep into his pockets. He told Sanya he'd do this. And maybe he didn't have much pull at the College, but worst came to worst, she was a Lady, bound to be Duchess of the South. She probably did...right?

The talisman turned over in the hand in his pocket, a habit that had formed almost subconsciously since Chaz had given it to him. His father would tell him there would be greater reward in helping the Consort - and, probably, selling the Consort to the highest bidder - than there would ever be in pursuing a thankless career in making people well again. And maybe that was true...

But if that was all, he would have stayed put and waited like he was ought, and not letting his feet guide him now toward the Merchant's Quarter, as he was. In truth, like called to like, and that was really all there was to it in the end.

He squared his shoulders, and kept on.

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A servant girl wearing the uniform of a royal servant - a long dress in gray that was trimmed in rich purple - made her way toward the group of guards that had peeled away from the noble seating area. She was clearly on business to feed the men-at-arms who had been on duty longer than expected with the delays, a tray of fragrant meat pies that she carried balanced on a shoulder so she could pass them out easily as she walked past. But the steaming food was only half the reason she drew Sarnai's guards' attention - the other was the distracting smile that the men called saucy and the ladies tarty. The men looked no further than those and her other assets, as she handed out food, and quickly moved on her way. They promptly gobbled up the food, knowing there was no time for a leisurely meal while they still needed to be watchful.

But Rebecca, Sarnai's lady-in-waiting, watched the girl go curiously. Having worked in the castle since she came of age, Rebecca knew something was wrong immediately. There was a curious caution in her voice as she spoke up, as if she knew she could not hold her tongue but knew she also had no reason to be believed:

"Milady… I have never seen that serving girl before."

But the mystery girl was already gone. In fact, it seemed she had disappeared into the crowd of commoners who, a moment ago, had been shouting at the Consort and her baby.

Before they could make heads or tails of that, though, one of Sarnai's guards let out a pained growl. The final bite of the meat pie he had been eating fell to the ground when he doubled over - and soon, one by one, the others followed.



Rebecca: "Milady… I have never seen that serving girl before."

Sarnai turned, following her handmaid's line of vision just in time to see the girl Rebecca spoke of disappearing into the crowd. Before the Consort could devote much time to deciding whether that was peculiar or not, her attention was claimed by the guards nearest her as they, one by one, doubled over with hands clutching at their stomachs.

"Rebecca . . ." she started, apprehension tightening muscles and causing the fine hairs along the back of her neck to stand on end. Something was wrong.

Royal General: *rolls up in his meat wagon* "Lords and Ladies of Eventyr," … "You look to the Royal Family and us, their most honored and faithful servants, for guidance and direction. You cling to the shadows of times past, when Royal figures brought clarity and direction in times of darkness. I stand before you today to declare that the only monarch that will rule from this day forth in all of Eventyr is Death."

Zombies: *here to fuck your shit up, bitches*

Sarnai blinked, her brain refusing to process exactly what was happening and it seemed she wasn't the only one, as the crowd around her all exchanged confused looks only seconds before chaos erupted.

In her arms, Erden let out a wail and Sarnai's wide eyes went from the zombies pouring out of the wagon to the nearby guards and then Rebecca was grabbing her sleeve and demanding Sarnai's attention.

"Now, Highness," she hissed, pressing a short dagger into the Consort's hand.

Sarnai hesitated only long enough to swing her gaze toward where she'd last seen Sanya and then she was slipping through the barrier and into the press of panicked commoners. Small and agile, it was easy for Sarnai to navigate through the roughly jostling crowd, but Rebecca - far taller and more robust than the petite Consort - wasn't having as much luck. A glance back found the handmaid struggling against a man holding her arm and, clutching her son more firmly to her breast, Sarnai leapt forward to drive her dagger through the man's throat.

"Come on, Rebecca!" Sarnai ordered, starting forward again as the man stumbled backward and was immediately consumed by the crowd.

There was 'daylight' up ahead, so to speak, and suddenly the crowd parted and the press of bodies eased and Sarnai was a good four or five paces down the street before she realized that Rebecca wasn't with her. Whirling, she spotted her handmaiden, the woman who had been her near constant companion for the last nine months, being dragged to the ground by the very man - zombie? - Sarnai had just killed.

Rebecca let out a shriek, batting at the bleeding man with both hands, but then suddenly another person grabbed her and sank teeth into the soft skin of her arm . . .



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Who: Killick
With: Erden, Altansarnai - CLOSED SCENE
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

He drew nearer the crowds just in time to see them descend into chaos. It seemed at first, from the outside, a riot - but what decision could have been arrived at to be so disagreeable, Killick couldn't imagine. And as he made it close enough to spot the woman he'd been tasked with getting out of the city... he realized there was something wrong with the way some of the crowd was moving. Her guards crumpled. Her handmaid panicked-

He hadn't been close enough to hear the Royal General's declaration, but as blood started to spill Killick took off at a run. His build allowed him to push easily through the panicking crowd, and his stature let him see flashes of the Consort as she fought her way through the masses.

A voice in the back of his head called him to stop and help. Told him that people were dying, terrified, hurting each other in their haste, and that the suddenness of the situation implied a villainous actor. Someone had to have brought those things in, with their eyes struck by madness and mouths dripping red. Herded them into the square...

The distraction of his thoughts, wrapped up in the moral dilemma that was save the princess or save the people, saw one get near enough to snap at him with broken, stinking teeth.  He didn't have time to waste wondering whether it was one of those things - he shoved the man back into the throng and used the diversion of his thrashing to get around the thick knot of people.

He had a duty to the Consort. He had a duty to Sanya.

But he'd lost sight of her, and now could only look to where she was headed, hoping for no more interruptions. Ignoring that not all the screams around him were of fear. Pretending he had any idea what was going on, or why, or what hands were involved...

He didn't have time to think about it, and once again caught sight of the Consort's jet black hair - even a glimpse of her face as she hit a snag in the crowd, and so he cut his path anew. Her lady dropped back, pulled away from her and Killick's instincts tore at themselves, but he forged on until finally he closed the gap between them.

"Your Highness," Killick all but shouted over the crowd as he reached out for her arm - knowing that doing so was probably on a long list of bad ideas given the myriad circumstances working against them in that moment. "Come with me - we have a friend in common," He told her, hoping it would be enough to calm any threats with that knife and remind her of what they were supposed to be doing before the whole place went to hell.

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Killick: *save the Consort, save the world* "Your Highness," … "Come with me - we have a friend in common,"

Sarnai's jaw had set in resolute acceptance of poor Rebecca's fate and she'd been just about to run in what she was pretty sure was the direction she was meant to go, when a Your Highness caught her attention. It had become surprisingly natural to answer to such a call over the last nine months and she half turned, only to find a brown skinned hand reaching for her arm.

Sarnai jerked back, nearly tripping over this absurd gown she wore, and it was only his following words that had her hesitating. Could this be . . . ? Dark skin, hair twisted in thin locs, tall and handsome - yes, he matched Sanya's description. So when she hadn't shown up at their meeting place, he'd come looking for her instead, it seemed. "We have to go!" she ordered, stating the obvious.

Glancing back at the stage, Sarnai had half a second to see James going after the Royal General, a younger man in black stepping between them, then her eyes went to Sanya and Malia, escaping with Elliot. None seemed to be looking for her, so she turned back to Killick and asked over the wailing infant in her arms: "Which direction?"




The weather was a little warm for the heaviness of the cloak Mitali wore - but with beautiful, beautiful chaos springing up around her, it soon hardly mattered if she looked a little suspicious. Even the infected humans paid her no attention when she gave them a shove, away from herself and toward a more promising victim.

Mitali split from her sister. Their goal had been twofold: ensure the Royal General's death… and the safety of the royal child. So when the Consort made a break for it, so did Mitali.

Something about the pursuit made her skin crawl. Was it just apprehension? Or were those pesky old memories bothering her...? She had known Sarnai quite well, not too long ago. Sisters from the South, they had endured crippling uncertainty together, walked into those woods together…

"Sarnai," Mitali called out, her voice distinctly pleasant and cheerful, as were the light, jaunty steps as she approached the Consort. If not for a certain magnetic quality to it, the sound would have been so very out of place. The greeting belonged at a celebration of the birth, not in a crowd quickly devolving into chaos. She even cast a glance toward Killick, meeting his eyes for a long moment as she said, "Nice to meet you, sir - I'm Mitali."

Having captured the eyes of them both, she knew that the spell would not be broken when she extended a hand to grab a zombie that ran toward them by the throat, pull him up two feet off the ground, and toss him away, all without missing a breath.

The woman pulled her hood back by a few inches - safe, now, that the sun was past the horizon - revealing a very familiar face. The skin was smoother now, and paler. The lips fuller, redder. Eyes bigger, darker. But it was unmistakably Mitali... one of the missing eleven virgins.

A smile beamed across Mitali's face. She was so happy to see her friend; so happy to see that she had borne such a strong, healthy child. Her hands weren't clean - they had smears of dark brown blood across her skin, but she fully expected that neither would notice. When she spoke, her voice sounded like a hopeful request - but there was an edge to it:

"Let me hold him."



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Who: Killick
With: Erden, Altansarnai, Mitali - CLOSED SCENE
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

>>>Sarnai: *oh, yes, you, good* "We have to go!"

Killick's brows shot up quite as though to say no shit, Sherlock, before realizing that, perhaps, this was not the best moment for sarcasm. Later, maybe. When they weren't surrounded by a panic of epic proportions, driven by people eating each other. He tried instead to take note of how distracted she was in assessing how much work he was about to put in. "That way," He told her instead, pointing in the direction that would take them to the docks.

It was the original plan and, ultimately, still a good one. If something as big and terrible as it seemed was happening here was actually happening here, then getting out of town was a good idea for a multitude of reasons.

>>>Mitali: *ARRIVES* "Nice to meet you, sir - I'm Mitali."

And they were nearly on their way when that path was abruptly interrupted.

He felt... struck by her. Almost literally, as though something had hit him quite square in the face to pull him out of the urgency Killick had been operating under. A moment before, he had been about to direct the King's Consort to what he hoped was safety, and a moment later, it was his last concern.

Mitali, she called herself, and her greeting had him stopped in tracks mental as well as physical, staring almost unabashed save for the sheepish tug of his smile. Damn, but she was pretty - and she seemed to know the Consort, too, so that was nice, wasn't it?




Killick: "That way,"

That way, it was. Sarnai gave only a sharp nod of her head and then she was on her way, momentarily ignoring her son's frantic sobs even if every instinct within her was saying to stop and see to him. He'd be fine until they were safe . . .

Mitali: "Sarnai,"

Hearing her name called after her was so unexpected that Sarnai found herself turning to see who had spoken it. No one simply called her Sarnai anymore, especially not in public - though maybe there being a zombie outbreak made those sort of formalities unnecessary - but the cadence of the summons was all wrong. There should have been urgency there, maybe even a plea for her to wait; despite that, though, Sarnai could only assume it was someone trying to stop her from escaping. There was a curse on her lips, a sound refusal to go back to the castle, but it faded to nothing as her eyes landed on Mitali.

Sarnai's lips parted in silent shock and she found herself simply staring despite the screaming and panic surrounding them. "Mitali, what . . . ?" Mitali had always been beautiful - that was why the twelve of them had been chosen, after all - but Sarnai had had little use for the other girls who had gone into the forest with her that night. She'd found many of them empty-headed, caught up in the glamour and mystery of it all, and had been frustrated by their lack of drive to get out of their situation. Yet now, all Sarnai wanted was to be close to the other Southern born girl. She wanted Mitali's blood stained hands to run through her hair, she wanted to kiss those lovely red lips . . .

Mitali: "Let me hold him."

Taking a step closer, Sarnai's eyes went to the screaming baby in her arms, his little face red and tiny hands clenched into angry fists. Right up until his birth, Sarnai had been convinced that she didn't want the child she'd been growing, because it was Philip's and he'd put it there without her permission, and it wasn't until she'd laid eyes on her son that she'd realized Erden was just as much hers. Maybe it was his almond eyes or the slope of his nose, or the way he'd just stared at her when she'd put him to her breast at the midwife's instruction, but a fierce need to protect her son had taken up residence within Sarnai and even a vampire's gaze was no match for that instinct.


The dagger in Sarnai's hand was hilt-heavy, so as she took a step back, she flipped it in her hand to catch the blade before sending it flying, end over end, toward Mitali. She nicked the edge of her finger and left behind a smear of blood when she grabbed Killick's sleeve and dragged him back a step, "Killick, go!"




Sarnai: "No."

That answer was literally the last one Mitali expected to get, and shock showed across her pale, pretty face. No? What did that even mean…?

Even less expected was the knife that she watched, sailing from her friend's hand into her chest. It stuck deep, piercing her right lung, and the sudden lack of air was a surprise. Blood spurted from her lips when she inhaled and found herself coughing instead. Her hand rose to the hilt, and she pulled the knife out, but with it came an echoing, inhuman cry of pain, a shrill sound of panic that drowned out the desperate cries of the townspeople fighting off zombies.

It was the first time Mitali had ever been injured, in her new state, and it was clear that she didn't know how bad the damage was. It would have been a mortal injury, and although she knew she wasn't mortal any longer, the pain overwhelmed her, and she fell to hands and knees on the ground, the heavy cloak dragging down around her.

Blood. The craving was overwhelming. She would heal if she had blood. Any fucking blood would do.

Mitali shoved her hand into a zombie's face at her side to push it away from the still-writhing victim it was feeding on. Her buried her fangs in the man's throat, wrenching his head back by his hair, and let the soothing warmth of his blood heal her. She would fail her mission if she wasn't quick, but she couldn't think about anything except the sweetness of blood on her tongue and the relief of pain in her chest as she fed...


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>>>Sarnai: "No."

It felt like forever - that wide swath of time between realizing that the Consort - Altansarnai - knew this woman, and the resounding echo of her refusal. In that temporal sea was a knowing, the odd sensation welling up anew that something here was wrong. Something about the way she looked or the way she moved, the timbre of her voice, was just off enough that those little signs began to peel back the illusion like a second skin.

>>>Sarnai: "Killick, go!"

>>>Mitali: *NOMNOMNOM*

The hand on his sleeve served to rip the facade the rest of the way off, as Killick's eyes widened at what was beneath: Blood on her hands and blooming from her chest, bubbling past her lips and for half a moment, he thought to try and help. His chest rose with the urge even as his mind raced to put together what had happened when the glamour shattered - the knife was the Consort's (Sarnai?), some of that blood had been there all along, and the thing that went to ground to feed had more in common with the creatures they were running from than any woman he'd ever seen.

The vulgarities that left his lips then weren't fit for a Queen's ears, but luckily Sarnai wasn't that yet - maybe not ever. He dismissed the thought with indifference - Queen or Consort or whatever she was - and stepped back with her. "Let's go," He agreed, a rough quality to his voice belying that there would be questions later for all the what the fuck he didn't yet have time to process.

Who knew, after all, how long the thing would spend tearing into that man's throat? So he pushed through the crowd again to make way for her, until they found a stretch of clear they could run through. As well as a woman carrying a tiny, caterwauling baby could run, anyway.




The crowd grew chaotic in the blink of an eye. Screaming, running… Kyky saw a man fall, right beside her. He would be trampled to death with the panic rushing through the commoners, so Kyky dropped to one knee to grab his arm and haul him back to his feet.

When she rose, she couldn't find Bert, and fear gripped her chest. There was no way to stay still or look around effectively while the flood of people running for their lives pushed against her. She had to run with them, so she did…

And missed a step when she heard an inhuman cry of pain. Kyky knew that sound - immediately, it took her back to a dark, cold night in the West and the strange mixture of horror, grief, relief, and satisfaction that she felt when the vampire who had held her captive found a stake through his heart. This sound, though, was worse - harsher, shriller, more terrifying. It was wounded, but not mortally so, Kyky deduced. She needed to find it before it could feed if she hoped to finish the job, and she turned her body in the direction she'd heard that disgusting noise…

The vampire was easy to spot. A heavily cloaked female with her face dripping with blood as she rose from her victim. She was newly turned, Kyky guessed, given her frantic sort of movements. Vampires were usually graceful; this one looked desperate even after feeding. It began running, pushing people out of its way, and Kyky pursued.

Was that the cry of a baby that they were running toward…?



Mitali: *shrieks*

Killick: *swears like a sai--pirate* … "Let's go,"

Heart in her throat, Sarnai kept a hand twisted into the back of Killick's shirt, safe in his wake as he pushed his way through the crowd, and then the press of bodies eased once again and the two were free to run . . .

But three steps out, Sarnai skidded to a stop and turned back, her eyes landing on a discarded short sword lying on the cobbles. She scooped it up and then ran to catch up to Killick but Sarnai was only three days postpartum and had been pregnant the nine months prior, so while throwing a knife or jabbing it into a neck in close quarters was simple muscle memory, running long distances was quite another story. She wouldn't be able to keep up this pace for long, not with her son in her arms as well, but adrenaline fueled fear was a serious motivator.

They were coming up on an intersection when, from the street on the right, a small group of people stumbled into view. One was moving with telling jerks, the others scrambling to put distance between themselves and the zombie, and Sarnai stopped to glance around. They couldn't go back the way they came and going forward was likely to be risky, but there was a narrow alleyway on the left . . .

"Which way?" she snapped, eyes going to Killick. "Which way to the docks?"



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Who: Killick
With: Erden, Altansarnai - CLOSED SCENE
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

Realistically, Killick knew the path wasn't going to be clear for them the whole way to the docks. Sure, he could hope, but when the road ahead suddenly became a lot more crowded, he couldn't pretend to be surprised as he skidded to a halt alongside the woman the bloodsucker had so affectionately called Sarnai. They knew each other, but that was a question to answer later. When they were safe, on a boat, out of here.

The map in his head was roughly hewn, but there was light on the other end of the alleyway and he knew that they should be able to make it to the docks from the other side just as easily. Easier anyway, than trying to fight their way through the things that used to be people.

"Which way?" she snapped, eyes going to Killick. "Which way to the docks?"

"There - that way, we can cut through," He answered before diverting their path. If they could just make it to the docks, get out of the city, if he could get her somewhere safe... They could find out what the hell was going on here.




Mitali had lost her charges in the crowd. The realization was crushing and confusing in a way she couldn't understand - her place in the world, her purpose, the meaning of her transformation, none of it had been explained to her. She felt part of a larger plan, certainly, but not having that big picture made it impossible to make decisions. She had been cautioned to be discreet - was that more important than protecting the child…?

Probably not, as Mitali's eyes lifted to watch her sister, Poppy, soaring into the sky. So, protect the child. Protect the child.

Mitali threw off the heavy cloak, freeing her limbs - not just her arms, but her bat-like wings. They lifted her off the ground in a few powerful flaps, leaving the screams of terror and confusion in her wake, and then it was much easier to survey the chaos and find the baby, wrapped securely in his mother's arms.

They were in danger. They were running toward a snaggle of zombies, blocking their path out of the city. Mitali didn't think twice, swooping down, using her landing to kick the zombie nearest Sarnai out of the way. Her feet found the ground and her knees bent as if the roaring scream she unleashed took the same effort as lifting a heavy weight. Her wings spread wide, as if by her sheer size, she could get the creatures to turn the other way…

It worked. The expansive barrier of creature bred disinterest in the zombies and they made no moves toward the fleeing humans into the alleyway.

"Sarnai! Sarnai, wait!" Mitali called, her voice almost human as she bid her once-friend to listen. Her skipping steps after them were remarkably childish (even though she used her wings to lift her a foot or two off the ground at a time), alluding to her youth where the smears of blood down her lips, chin, and throat could not.

If they kept running, they were going to die, Mitali knew. No one wanted that. So instead of using her magic, Mitali just spoke, a shaky but earnest pleading in her voice despite her horrific appearance.

"Sarnai," Mitali said, holding out her arms to take the baby. She'd assumed that protect him meant take him, but the closer she became to the boy, the more she felt like she was reaching for a… strange, foreign thing that she neither understood nor wanted. Mitali could never hold him like Sarnai was holding him, loving, secure. It confused the new vampire, who had once had younger siblings and never found them to be alien at the time. So even as she reached to take him, by force or hypnosis, her hands shook and she fell back on ill-planned words, with maybe too much of an authentic edge to them: "His father sent me to protect him. You know me, Sarnai, I'm Mitali."



Killick: "There - that way, we can cut through,"

Trusting Killick's knowledge of the city, Sarnai followed him into the mouth of the alley without argument, taking half a second to glance down at Erden as his sobs turned to shuddery hiccups. He was so upset that it was physically painful for her and a tingling sensation crawled through her breasts as her milk let down in response, soaking the cotton pads her handmaid had helped her to tuck into her bodice.

Mitali: *screamy-roar and dramatic disrobe*

Sarnai was easily distracted away from the sensation by the scream that echoed through her ears and the sound of a body being flung away behind her. She turned and nearly tripped over the hem of her gown when she saw Mitali again, but the girl she's known, who had become a creature with a familiar face, was far more changed than she'd originally realized. The Consort put on a burst of speed, hand tightening around the pommel of her stolen sword but she hesitated before reaching the end of the alleyway, half turning at the vampire's words.

Mitali: "Sarnai! Sarnai, wait!" … "Sarnai," *reaaaaaches* "His father sent me to protect him. You know me, Sarnai, I'm Mitali."

Sarnai drew back another step as Mitali held out her bloodied arms, as if expecting to cradle Erden in them, and her eyes narrowed in anger and offense at the implication that she couldn't protect her son.

Every word the vampire spoke was a lie - they had to be - despite the way they seemed to ring true. "His father is dead," she snarled back, without a hint of sorrow for the man who'd taken what he'd wanted and then left her here. "And you're not Mitali, not anymore!" she continued. "Mitali was kind and funny . . ." - and a bit of an airhead, yes - "and she'd never tear into a man's throat with her teeth! Vampires don't protect; they feed and they destroy. What would you protect him from when you're his biggest threat?"


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Who: Killick
With: Erden, Altansarnai, Mitali - CLOSED SCENE
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

The vampire's voice pulled him back, but this time, it wasn't that otherworldly quality to it - that was gone. Instead, it was an entirely different call, a plea that seemed painfully earnest. And what was he to do when Sarnai stopped, but pull up himself, and make sure to keep a step between them? As narrow as the alleyway was, it was easy to make sure that if Mitali kept coming forward, she'd have him to deal with while Sarnai got a little more distance from the thing...

>>>Mitali:  "His father sent me to protect him. You know me, Sarnai, I'm Mitali."

Seeing those wings, that blood, though, tore at the part of him that responded to the humanity in her appeals. In the way she seemed to wrestle with herself, shaky and uncertain and smeared in viscera. In her claims that she wanted to help.

>>>Sarnai: "His father is dead," ... "And you're not Mitali, not anymore!" she continued. "Mitali was kind and funny . . ." - and a bit of an airhead, yes - "and she'd never tear into a man's throat with her teeth! Vampires don't protect; they feed and they destroy. What would you protect him from when you're his biggest threat?"

"Listen," He cut in, waving one hand back at Sarnai to try to stifle her barrage - was it warranted? Probably, the woman had just murdered a man in front of them. Was it helpful? If Mitali's human side really could be drawn out, but otherwise, it risked putting her on the defensive... "You want to protect him, right? You want to protect them?" Killick's other hand was brought forward, a peace offering of an empty palm in hopes the lack of threat would be responded to in kind.

"Help us get out of the city. You see what's going on-" Even if he didn't really understand it "-You know what the timing of it means. Even if they survive this, they can't stay here. I can get them somewhere safe, if you can get us out. That's what you want, isn't it?"

He sure as shit hoped it was, otherwise this was one hell of a gambit.




Sarnai: "His father is dead," "And you're not Mitali, not anymore!" "Mitali was kind and funny . . ." "and she'd never tear into a man's throat with her teeth! Vampires don't protect; they feed and they destroy. What would you protect him from when you're his biggest threat?"

Mitali flinched at each word, some deep part of her cringing. She was kind and funny, wasn't she? She had a hundred memories that said yes. Hugs and jokes and…

But those thoughts were fleeting and insubstantial, overridden with creature instincts that rejected all that human nonsense. Mitali's lips pulled in an angry snarl as her demeanor changed and she spat: "Dead? No!" The words that followed were every bit as much meant as an insult as the ones Sarnai had attempted to use to hurt her: "You don't even remember, do you?" The allusion to that solstice night in the woods was so fleeting, it was almost easy to miss. "We all had the best night of our lives, but you were such a sour fucking prude…."

Killick: "Listen," "You want to protect him, right? You want to protect them?"

"Him," Mitali spat in clarification, too quickly for either to suppose she had considered her words. "This bitch should have been my sister, but she turned her back - on all of us!"

Killick: "Help us get out of the city. You see what's going on-" -You know what the timing of it means. Even if they survive this, they can't stay here. I can get them somewhere safe, if you can get us out. That's what you want, isn't it?"

The young man's words both confused and anchored the angry vampire. Her orders and her instincts were at odds, and the handsome mortal's authority, at the least, gave her pause, forced Mitali to draw in a breath and reevaluate. Her fight to gain control of the tension screaming through her form was obvious - she paced back and forth, rolling her shoulders and flexing her jaw in an unsettlingly inhuman way.

But ultimately, she nodded, and - without thinking - she blurted out what she knew about the event. "Zombies kill them all. Except the baby, and probably, the Green Duke… because he's like a cockroach." The words in her mouth seemed planted there, but nonetheless, the vampire accepted them, and with a few forceful blinks, she stilled and regarded the pair again.

"There's at least one ship that can take you safely," Mitali concluded, at the end of the tense silence. She honestly didn't know King's City well, having spent most of her life in the South, but she spoke to Killick quickly as her wings lifted her into the air high above their heads. "Lead the way, and I will clear it..."

As an afterthought, she added, "Cover your ears."



Mitali: "Dead? No!" ... "You don't even remember, do you?" … "We all had the best night of our lives, but you were such a sour fucking prude…."

Emotions that Sarnai couldn't even find names for had any further words sticking in her throat, bits of broken memories splintering painfully through her mind - musical laughter and red lips, the cushion of moss beneath her, her fingers raking hungrily through sandy-red hair . . .

Her mind balked at the images, mouth going dry until it hurt to swallow and tears welled in her eyes.

His father sent me to protect him.

Lies. His father was dead.

No matter what Mitali said, or how hard she tried, the only face Sarnai saw in her memories was Philip's. Her eyes lowered again, one tear sliding free as she searched her son's tormented features, eyed his wispy reddish hair. He looked like his father . . .

Killick: "Listen," "You want to protect him, right? You want to protect them?"

Mitali: "Him," ... "This bitch should have been my sister, but she turned her back - on all of us!"

Killick: "Help us get out of the city. You see what's going on-" -You know what the timing of it means. Even if they survive this, they can't stay here. I can get them somewhere safe, if you can get us out. That's what you want, isn't it?"

Sarnai's eyes lifted to Killick. Was he insane? There was no way in hell this creature would help--

Yet, it almost seemed as if Mitali were considering it and, without realizing it, Sarnai took half a step closer to Killick as she held her breath . . .

Mitali: "Lead the way, and I will clear it..." …  "Cover your ears."

Sarnai exhaled as Mitali took to the sky, her dark eyes meeting Killick's for half a second before the two were off, as well. They wound their way through the back alleys of the Merchant's Quarter, and the closer they drew to the Soldier's Quarter, the narrower and filthier they got, and all the while Mitali traveled overhead. Occasionally, the vampire would shriek that horrible scream into the night sky, or dive and clear the way of zombies so they could move faster, and as the distant sound of fighting ahead of them reached her ears, Sarnai almost found herself thankful for her one-time friend's help.

There was a lot to unpack with that thought, and not even a second to consider doing it, because then the end of the last alleyway was in sight and beyond it the water could be seen, glittering black in the early dusk. Cracked cobbles gave way to wooden docks and far to the right there was a ship slowly pulling away, bodies scrambling up the netting with practiced ease as shouted orders filled the night. Heave! Heave! Men fought on the docks, beating back the wave of zombies that seemed to be pouring from the ship beside it.

Being of the plains, Sarnai knew nothing about ships or sailing, and since nothing she saw made the least bit of sense, it was easy for her to turn her attention to the boats docked just in front of them. Her ticket out of this cursed city.


"Which one?" she asked over Erden's cries.



Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

He didn't realize he'd been holding his breath until after he let it out - relieved that maybe Sarnai was right to look at him like he'd gone mad, but at least it worked. For now, anyway. Who could be certain of how long the vampire's loyalty to the child would hold? Whether what seemed to be madness creeping in would take over entirely, and set her upon them from the skies rather than the far more defensible land...

How could you fight something that flies?

Nevermind all that. Nevermind that the courtesy didn't extend to Sarnai, much less him, and that the only hope either of them had of surviving was getting Erden out of there as well - nevermind that all of this was on a hope and a prayer, and Killick wasn't the praying type.

He took another breath and pushed onward, pointedly ignoring the people, things dying around them. Dying, dying again, who knew at this point? He still wasn't sure what exactly was going on, what had happened, and then they were at the docks.

Killick thought he would feel that wave of relief again. He didn't.

Instead, there was a welling dread of realization as panicked eyes sought the moors for a familiar vessel - or at the very least, a familiar face. He knew he couldn't stop, they didn't have time, Sarnai was asking him a question, but that didn't keep him from holding in place when he finally saw the Siren, desperately searching for his father among the fighting. That scraggly beard, the smattering of pale pink across dark skin, a fierce snarl as like to fell his enemies as a sword-

Where was he?